• Early morning dog-walker was a no-show, so the lot fell to me.
  • Morning Prayer in the car on the way in, due to late start.
  • Processed a handful of emails and took part in a couple of minor administrative conferences.
  • Struggled with the readings for Proper 17 (September 2), having done my exegetical work last week, and finally gave birth to a message statement. Preparation on this sermon will not be put into cryogenic suspension until I return from my vacation on August 22.
  • Spent time on a matter is that is equal parts administrative, pastoral, sensitive, and difficult.
  • Met with the four members of the newly-constituted task team on Companion Diocese Relationships, under the leadership of Norm Taylor. We’re pretty much pressing the reset button on this.
  • Lunch at home (leftovers), and, of course, another dog walk.
  • Made a couple of pastoral-administrative-sensitive-somewhat difficult phone calls.
  • Worked on the website (loading content). We are “this close” to going live.
  • Took care of some Nashotah House flotsam and jetsam.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • More dog walking in the evening. Brenda comes home tomorrow.
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