Wednesday (William Wilberforce)

  • Usual AM routine. Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Prepared for celebrating and preaching at the midday Mass.
  • Put some substantial meet on the bones of a homily for Proper 15, which I will deliver (while on vacation!) at St Timothy’s, Salem, OR, the parish from which I went to seminary 28 years ago.
  • Began the process of clearing and culling a prodigious amount of hard copy materials that have been accumulating on my desk.
  • Met for the better part of an hour with Deb Tucker in her capacity as head of the diocesan Cursillo secretariat. I think we got some important stuff accomplished. I am counting on Cursillo remaining one of the key pillars of our spiritual revitalization.
  • Celebrated and preached at the midday Mass, commemorating the lesser feast of William Wilberforce.
  • Lunch at home; leftovers.
  • From home, participated in a conference call with other members of a committee of board members from the Living Church Foundation. We are in the exploratory phase of a potential capital campaign for the acquisition of an endowment.
  • Returned to the office and resumed the process of processing hard copy–mostly scanning, some filing, some new tasks generated. This is time-consuming, and had let it go too long, which makes it even more time-consuming.
  • Refreshed, revised, and updated (with more contemporary illustrations) the text of a homily for Proper 19 from several years ago (1996, to be exact) that I will share when I visit St Stephen’s, Harrisburg on September 7.
  • Took some small but important steps in preparing for a clergy day in November.
  • Took are of some routine end-of-the-month personal organization chores.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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