Wednesday (St Theodore of Tarsus)

A day of travel and getting caught up on stuff not related to moving. Caught a Lyft at 0345 for a 0515 departure from O’Hare to Dallas. Why so early? Long story, and I don’t have the energy to tell it at the moment. Anyway, I was checked in at the Hampton Inn in downtown Dallas a little past 0900. Walked to a nearby spot for some breakfast, then back to my room for a shower and a couple of hours of sleep. Then it was on to a thick stack of emails, phone calls, and related tasks. It’s a series of minor screw-ups that got me here so long in advance of the conference that doesn’t begin even informally until tomorrow morning and formally tomorrow evening. But the time was well-spent. If I had stayed home longer, I would only have been unpacking boxes. Real life goes on, and today I was forced to attend to it.

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