Wednesday (St Lucy)

Some have teased me over my seeming passion for personal organization and non-procrastination. (For example, when I have to give a from-scratch Sunday sermon, it’s a six-week process of incubation and development.) Well … today is the reason I endure the teasing. A piece of certified mail arriving in the office late yesterday afternoon looped me into a situation that consumed my entire morning, and much of the afternoon. The fact that I’m basically on top of my routine work means that I can absorb black swans like this and not go into meltdown. And, no, I can’t say anything about that certified mail. I did manage to get a little bit of other work done, though even some of that was focused on a different iteration of the same genre of issue that consumed most of the day. Sent a couple of emails acknowledging ordination anniversaries, and brought some clarity to my gestating homily for the Baptism of Christ (January 7). With gratitude, I was able to pray both the morning and evening offices, in the cathedral. Rarely has it been so essential.

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