Wednesday (St Ignatius of Antioch)

  • After a trip to my doctor’s office to get some blood drawn, it was a “normal” morning. MP in the cathedral.
  • Made some technical preparations for the presentation of proposals to synod regarding our companions relationships with other dioceses.
  • Refined my homily for the synod Mass. It’s now “in the can” (which means it lives in a file folder in the back seat of my car, a routine procedure).
  • Worked on some details of the upcoming clergy/musicians conference.
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers.
  • Weekly scanning/filing chores. Doing this always generates a few secondary tasks, which take up time.
  • Administrivia.
  • Refined my homily for this Sunday (St Andrew’s, Edwardsville). It is also now in the can–and you know what that means now.
  • Worked on a rough draft of a sermon for Proper 25 (October 28 at St Barnabas, Havana).
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral. 
  • Dinner from Chine 1, eaten in my office.
  • Attended the regular monthly meeting of the cathedral chapter. Productive discussion of transition-related issues. 
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