Wednesday (St Elizabeth of Hungary)

  • Usual task planning over breakfast at home.
  • Prepared to celebrate and preach for the regular cathedral midday Mass. This involved moving some furniture, as we needed to be ready for the possibility of unusual numbers (see below), we Fr Tucker and prepared the portable chancel altar for use.
  • Morning Prayer in the office.
  • Worked on my homily for Advent Sunday (St Andrew’s, Edwardsville), taking it from developed outline to rough draft form.
  • Attended the regular monthly meeting of clergy attached to the cathedral.
  • Commemorated the lesser feast of St Elizabeth of Hungary at Mass, which ended up being celebrated in the chapel after all, though we did have three out-of-town visitors. Apparently the Equal Rights Amendment (yes, the one that seemed to have died quietly back in the ’70s) is being debated in the Illinois legislature, and one of its leading advocates is a devout Episcopalian. She wanted to attend the liturgy, and two of her colleagues, in from the Twin Cities to lobby the lawmakers, accompanied her.
  • Lunch at home.
  • Attended to some logistical details pertaining to a special winter meeting of the Nashotah House trustees (in Sarasota, of course; who wants to go to Wisconsin in February?!).
  • Took care of another small Nashotah matter via email.
  • Made air travel arrangements for a an overnight trip to Dallas in January to confer on mission strategy with the church planting officer and their evangelism officer.
  • Attended to a pastoral/administrative matter for one of our clergy.
  • Got in a vigorous 2,000 steps right around sunset on a very chilly afternoon.
  • Responded to an email from one of our priests on–you guessed it–a pastoral/administrative matter. (Sorry I have to be vague about a lot of things, for the sake of confidentiality.)
  • Did some last minute personal prep for tomorrow’s Clergy Day.
  • Evening Prayer in the office.
  • Went down to Dynasty on South Grand for some black pepper prawns, and brought them back to the office to consume.
  • Attended the regular November meeting of the Cathedral Chapter. Hoe around 9:20.
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