Wednesday (St Cuthbert)

  • Usual non-office weekday routine.
  • Responded by email to a couple of substantive requests for pastoral care.
  • Dealt with several logistical details pertaining to Sunday evening’s ordination liturgy in Springfield.
  • Got back to work on producing a draft of the liturgy booklet for the ordinations.
  • Broke off for a lunch of leftovers.
  • Back again to working on the liturgy booklet. There was one glitch, but it was relatively minor. Still, it’s just a time-consuming process.
  • Began to deal by email with the news that our Communications Coordinator has accepted another position, and will be leaving the team shortly.
  • Walked Brenda down to a healthcare appointment–relatively minor followup on a semi-surgical procedure she had last week. It’s fortunate that we live so close to where much of her “doctoring” takes place.
  • Worked on my homily for Lent V (Redeemer, Cairo), taking it all the way from exegetical notes to a message statement and on to a developed outline.
  • Did the finish work on my homily for this Sunday (St Thomas’, Salem).
  • After dinner: did some requested remedial work on a couple of my lectionary reflections for this coming November’s Forward Day by Day. I had not realized that, while they want them to be tied to the daily office readings on weekdays, they want the Sunday meditations to be on the Eucharistic lectionary.)
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