Wednesday (St Charles Stuart)

  • Usual early AM routine (intercessions-devotions-Morning Prayer-tea-breafkast-task planning-shower-dress)
  • Took my homily for Epiphany VI (St Thomas’, Glen Carbon) from message statement to developed outline.
  • Broke for an impromptu brunch in my son’s apartment, as all the residents of our building were honoring the warnings to stay out of thye cold today,.
  • Responded to some accumulated emails.
  • Did a deep dive into yet another database software possibility. May have found a winner this time.
  • Did an abbreviated exegesis on and birthed a message statement for Epiphany VII (St George’s, Belleville).
  • Worked some more on the exorcism rite project. Coming in for a landing soon on this one.
  • Got the ball rolling on liturgy prep for the Chrism Mass (April 13).
  • Attended to some routine personal organization maintenance (cleaning up my computer desktop).
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
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