Wednesday (St Catherine of Siena)

The highlights:

  • Attended a 2.5 hour Zoom meeting of the Board of Directors of the Living Church Foundation, of which I am the Secretary. In the eight years or so during which I have served this body, it has never been in as good a shape, in every respect, as it is at this moment. This is very gratifying.
  • Set up, planned, recorded, edited, uploaded, and shared two video presentations: One my now customary midweek pastoral greeting to the diocese, and the other a time of catechesis for those who were scheduled to be confirmed at Emmanuel, Champaign this Sunday–an event that, of course, will not occur due to the pandemic protocols.
  • Developed my outline of a homily for Easter V (sadly, when I won’t be able to visit Redeemer, Cairo) into a rough draft.
  • Attended to an ongoing and still-emerging pastoral issue via email.
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