Wednesday (Ss Timothy & Titus)

Just finishing a couple of days of quasi-personal time. Brenda and I rode the train to Chicago yesterday morning and back this afternoon. The primary purpose was to attend a performance of Tosca by the Chicago Lyric Opera last night (it was splendid). But since the northbound train had wifi, I worked most of the way up, processing several emails, taking a phone call, and checking a couple of administrative items off the to-do list. In the afternoon, I had some business to take care of with a vestment supplier, which, to my surprise, concluded quite happily. This morning we spent some quality time at the Art Institute, which is always a boon to the soul. Exposing ourselves to live art–both musical and visual–takes some intentional proactivity, but is invariably worth the effort and time. No wifi on the way home today, which allowed me to continue my way through St Gregory the Great’s classic tome Pastoral Care. I am finding it a treasure trove of sound reflection and advice.

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