Wednesday (Ss Boris & Gleb)

  • Dropped the YFNBmobile off at the Hyundai dealer for routine scheduled maintenance; sweet hand-crippled Brenda followed me and shuttled me to the Round House.
  • Morning Prayer in the office.
  • Cleared my email inbox. Took some determination.
  • Spoke by phone with a colleague bishop about a potential candidate in one of our search processes.
  • Met with Fr Stormer and the Archdeacon to discuss implementation details for the latest iteration of sexual abuse and misconduct prevention training materials made available by the Church Pension Group.
  • Retrieved my vehicle from the dealer, and had lunch at home, having procured some freshly fried catfish at a seafood market on South Grand.
  • Reviewed and made comments on a draft liturgy booklet for an upcoming ordination.
  • Spoke by phone with the Rector’s Warden of one of our parishes.
  • Wrote a fairly detailed email to our communications people regarding some tweaks that the website needs.
  • Investigated potential air travel itineraries for a Communion Partners event in Orlando in November. 
  • Read and replied to an email that arrived toward the end of my vacation, and which required a thoughtful response.
  • Reviewed my Sunday visitations for October and made some appropriate notes.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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