Wednesday (O Clavis David)

  • Usual weekday AM routine. MP in the cathedral.
  • Dashed off an email note to a priest celebrating an ordination anniversary today.
  • Got to work editing and refining the text of my homily this Sunday.
  • Stepped out for a healthcare appointment.
  • Spoke by phone with one of our clergy over an ongoing pastoral/administrative matter that continues to be vexing.
  • Back to that Advent IV sermon work.
  • Lunch from TG, eaten at home.
  • Got back to the office and inadvertently got myself consumed in a personal organization project which was not at all urgent, but didn’t require much mental or emotional energy, and was kind of fun in a nerdy sort of way. It would have eventually needed doing, but certainly not today. It took some time, though. That happens once in a while.
  • Spoke by phone with my ELCA opppsite number, Bishop Roth.
  • Wrote my notes to clergy with nodal events in January.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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