Wednesday (Martyrs of Japan)

  • Before heading into the shower, I bundled up and fired up the snowblower and cleared the driveway, after which I judiciously scattered some salt and sand to forestall future problems. The snow had stopped, but the frigid temperatures had not yet arrived.
  • Worked a bit on the “aspirational” liturgical customary. Time for the final touches.
  • Read Morning Prayer at home.
  • As things turned out, I arrived at the Roundhouse about the time I would normally be finishing Morning Prayer–no harm done by the snowstorm. But I encountered an unplowed lot devoid of vehicles. Upon entering the building, I encountered our clerical support staffer Molly Henderson, who had arrived by taxi from her home about a mile away. So I improvised a sign canceling the noon Mass at the cathedral (at which I was scheduled to celebrate and preach), drove Molly home, then went home myself.
  • Took care of some Nashotah House administrivia.
  • Knocked off some administrative chores related to the June youth pilgrimage to Canterbury.
  • Returned to the liturgical customary.
  • Broke for lunch–leftover enchiladas from last night.
  • Back to the customary. Went through it with one last fine-tooth comb, made several emendations, and finally saved it as a PDF, attached it to an email to the Administrator for e-delivery to the clergy tomorrow or Friday, and posted it to the website.
  • Fleshed out and tied together various fragments that will form a sermon for Epiphany VI (Trinity, Jacksonville on the 16th).
  • Evening Prayer at home.
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