Wednesday (John Keble)

  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral chapel (still lots of organ-installing going on in the nave and chancel).
  • Prepped to preside and preach at the midday Mass.
  • Completed my prep (begun last week) for tonight’s Lenten teaching series presentation at the cathedral.
  • Walked laps in the cathedral nave, since it was raining outside.
  • Reviewed the proofs of the formal portraits that were shot a couple of weeks ago, made a few notes to the photographer, and picked out the winners in each pose.
  • Celebrated and preached the Mass for the lesser feast of John Keble.
  • Lunch from Hy-Vee (Chinese section), eaten at home.
  • Met for about 75 minutes with one of our rectors over an ongoing pastoral matter. It was somewhat intense, which always means I need to kill time with something relatively mindless afterward. So I processed a stack of emails and walk more laps in the cathedral nave, keeping track of the organ becoming playable.
  • Hunkered down with commentaries on the readings for Easter VI (May 21 at Emmanuel, Champaign) in preparation for preaching on that occasion.
  • Evening Prayer in the office.
  • Supper and teaching with folks from the cathedral.
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