Wednesday (Janani Luwum)

My main obligations of the day were simple, and they allowed for a leisurely morning, which was a good thing, given that hour that I had arrived at the Hampton Inn Times Square. So I prayed the morning office in my room and otherwise pulled myself together to be on the street by 10:30. Walked eastward several long crosstown blocks (about 25 minutes) to a taco joint call Tres Carnes at 817 Second Avenue. There I met my colleague from North Dakota, Michael Smith. We were supposed to be joined by Greg Brewer of Central Florida, but he got caught in traffic until about 11:40. By that time, and according to plan, my daughter Sarah, who lives and works in New York, arrived, and she and I had lunch together. Bishops Smith and Brewer retired next door to the Episcopal Church Center for a 12:15 Eucharist. After lunch with Sarah, I joined them for our 1pm meeting with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, the purpose of the trip. We were representing the Communion Partners group of bishops (and associated rectors). It was, in my estimation, an excellent meeting that lays the groundwork for some good things in the future. Around 2:30, I hailed a cab and rode back to La Guardia. There was a little time to kill, since my flight wasn’t until 5:00, but everything went smoothly. A two hour layover at O’Hare afforded time for some dinner, and I was home just past 10:00.

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