Wednesday (Holy Guardian Angels)

After eight consecutive days without a day off, the last five of them having been packed with meetings, public worship, and travel, I made a prudential decision and canceled a planned day trip to Nashotah House for a meeting of the corporation members, hoping to make some headway into an extraordinarily long to-do list (78 actions items in play at the morning’s count), as well as address some quotidian domestic issues, like grocery shopping and laundry. Actual personal down time will have to wait.

  • Allowed myself to “sleep in” by about 30 minutes. Intercessions, Morning Prayer, tea, breakfast, crossword, task organizing (which took a while, because it involved clearing out my email inbox, which was stuffed).
  • Walked Shane Spellmeyer’s ordination certificate down to the post office and sent it “express priority” to Marquette, MI where it will hopefully arrive in time for his scheduled ordination (I had to outsource the deed itself to the Bishop of Northern Michigan) on Saturday.
  • Responded to a handful of late-arriving emails.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Took a phone call from a lay communicant in one of our parishes regarding an emerging, and serious, pastoral issue.
  • Attended to another request for some detailed information from my tax advisor.
  • Did some necessary grocery shopping.
  • Reviewed a draft service bulletin for October 20 in Carlinville and made some suggested tweaks.
  • Took a phone call from another member of the Eucharistic Community referenced above about the same pastoral issue.
  • Carefully drafted a message to the diocese about some developments at the Chapel of St John the Divine in Champaign and posted it to the website.
  • Worked with the Communicator to put the finishing touches on that major pastoral teaching document on sexuality and marriage that I’ve mentioned several times in this diary. It’s now live on the website.
  • Evening Prayer in our little chapel.
  • Worked most of the evening responding to emails that accumulated during the time I was jammed with meetings and travel.
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