Wednesday (Evelyn Underhill)

  • Usual St Michael’s Youth Conference morning routine: Morning Prayer at 8:00, followed by a teaching period (Fr Halt on the Book of Genesis), followed by my own teaching session, this one on the subject of Revelation (not the book of the Bible bearing that name, but the notion that there are some things about God that we would never know unless God revealed them to us).
  • I celebrated the Mass for the lesser feast of Evelyn Underhill. Fr Baumann preached.
  • Lunch in our usual location, followed by some mandatory “FOB” (flat on back) time for the youth. (Naps aren’t just for kindergarteners anymore.)
  • At 3:15, we convened for another of Fr Baumann’s presentations on prayer, followed, about an hour later, by Evensong.
  • We then carpooled to the Fairview Heights Metrolink station and made our way across the river to Busch Stadium for an encounter between the St Louis Cardinals and the Houston Astros. (The Astros won, which is what a handful of us were hoping for.)
  • One of the sweetly memorable moments of the day happened as we were at the Metrolink station organizing our transit back to Our Lady of the Snows. Fr Ben Hankinson called the kids together and, with three or four eBCP apps between us, we managed to pray Compline right there in the area between the platform and the parking lot. None of the kids died of embarrassment and people walked by and could see that we were obviously praying.
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