Wednesday (Eleventh Day of Christmas)

  • Task planning at home; Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Got right to work on refining, in light of requested feedback, some guidelines for use in readiness-for-ordination examination of candidates for the vocational diaconate. We’re not quite inventing the wheel here, but it’s been a good long while since this diocese ordained a vocational deacon, and the landscape has shifted significantly during that time.
  • Broke off at 10:40 in order to keep an 11am appointment with my optometrist. It’s no wonder I’ve been having vision problems. It turns out that the glasses I thought were a “redo” from a slightly errant prescription more than a year ago are in fact the prescription that was supposed to be redone. So they’re fixing that for me.
  • Lunch from Pizza Hut, eaten at home.
  • Kept a phone date with my old friend the Bishop of Calgary. We try to talk regularly as a sort of micro-support group.
  • Ran a Bishop’s Discretionary Fund-driven errand on behalf of a layperson in the diocese who is inordinately in need.
  • Got back to work on the diaconal assessment document and finally got to a point where I am declaring it finished. I suppose it might be tweaked a bit more yet, though.
  • Cleared my mind by taking several walking laps around the interior of the diocesan office “rotunda.”
  • Did some substantial surgery on an old sermon text for Epiphany II as part of the process of refurbishing it for use at Christ Church, Springfield on January 15.
  • Performed an administrative/communication chore in connection with one of our companion diocese relationships.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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