Wednesday (Absalom Jones)

The day began somewhat “violently,” as Brenda was scheduled for an 0830 test (an EEG, still chasing down her fainting spells late last year) that required her to arrive “as sleep-deprived as possible.” So I got us both up just before 0500, and we watched silent films from the 1920s on Turner Classic Movies. I had a bit of granola (she wasn’t allowed anything) and re Morning Prayer in the usual fashion. We walked the three blocks to Swedish Covenant Hospital in 15-degree cold, the test went smoothly, and we walked back in 20-degree temps. I then got to work on my task list: processed a reply to my Lambeth Conference registration and plotted some appropriate followup tasks, reviewed draft minutes from last Saturday’s Diocesan Council meeting and returned them to the secretary with some notes, made some concrete plans and arrangements around April’s annual Mass of Chrism. Carryout lunch from the Chinese place around the corner. Spent most of the afternoon creating a rough draft sermon from my developed notes for Epiphany VII (St George’s, Belleville). Long walk with Brenda, then Evening Prayer together.

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