• Usual weekday AM routine. MP in the cathedral. Apprised the Archdeacon of last nights could-have-been-so-much-worse fire at Emmanuel, Champaign.
  • Tied down some dangling travel arrangements.
  • Attended to two items that have been in my task system for a long time but have always gotten triaged out on any given day. I’ve gotten tired of seeing them keep popping up. Both involved small favors for a lay person–one inside the diocese and one outside.
  • Sat with my notes on the readings for Lent III until they gave birth to a homiletical message statement (an indicative mood statement of good news, without any subordinate clauses, negatives, or imperatives–it’s a discipline that has served me well). This is in preparation for preaching at St Andrew’s, Carbondale on March 4.
  • Began my routine monthly project of writing notes to clergy with nodal evens in the following calendar month.
  • Took an early lunch at home (leftovers) in order to keep a 12:30 physical therapy appointment (back issues). Home for a bit of email processing before heading to a 2:00 *psycho*-therapy appointment. A healing day for body and mind!
  • Back in the office: Finished the note-writing task I’d started before lunch. Writer’s cramp.
  • Attended to some work in preparation for General Convention.
  • Looked over a financial report from the Society of King Charles the Martyr (I’m on the board).
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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