• Hotel breakfast with the Bishop of Missouri.
  • Pack and checked out of the Sheraton Suites Elk Grove Village.
  • Met with the Province V bishops from 9:00 until 11:00. Topics of discussion included the proposed full-communion agreement with the United Methodist Church, ways of organizing diocesan administration, and some other odds and ends.
  • Got a ride to O’Hare courtesy of the Bishop of Eau Claire and caught the CTA Blue Line train to Logan Square.
  • Had lunch at a taqueria with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Hattie has got to be the most good-natured toddler in the hemisphere. Back at the condo, I got to read her three books as she drifted off into her afternoon nap.
  • My son arrived at 3:00 and I hung out there for the next hour.
  • Back to the Blue Line to the Jackson Blvd stop, then a brisk walk westward about a dozen blocks and across the river to Union Station.
  • Caught Amtrak Train 305, which departed promptly at 5:15 and arrived in Springfield on schedule at 8:38. Had a microwaved pepperoni pizza for dinner, processed a ton of emails, and roughed out the broad strokes of my next post on the Covenant blog.
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