• Usual AM routine. MP in the cathedral.
  • Attended to transport and lodging arrangements for a trip coming up in early June.
  • Took care of a routine end-of-the-month personal organization chore.
  • Took a substantive incoming phone call from one of our parish clergy.
  • Spoke by phone at some length and with weighty content with one of our postulants in the ordination process.
  • Left for home on the early side in deference to afternoon travel plans.
  • Ate lunch, and packed for two nights away.
  • Just past 1:00, headed up to SPI to catch the 2:11 departure for Dallas.
  • Arrived DFW at 4:00, retrieved my luggage, picked up my rental car, used the Waze app on my phone to guide me my hotel. With rush hour traffic, it was 6:00 before I was at the check-in desk.
  • Dropping my stuff on in my room, I headed to a nearby Mexican restaurant called Javier’s, where I enjoyed good food, drink, and conversation with members of the Living Church Foundation board ahead of tomorrow’s annual meeting.
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