• Usual AM routine: task planning at home, Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Prepared to preside at preach at the regular cathedral midday liturgy.
  • Returned a couple of phone calls.
  • Arranged for an ad to be placed in the next issue of The Living Church in an attempt to scare up some candidates for one of our clergy vacancies.
  • Got to work on my homily for Proper 17 (August 29 at St Mary’s, Robinson), takeing developed notes to a rough draft. This took the rest of the morning, and part of the afternoon.
  • Celebrated and preached the midday Mass–ferial Wednesday.
  • Lunch from TG, eaten at home.
  • Wrapped up work on the Proper 17 homily.
  • Attended to a brief Nashotah-related chore.
  • Ordered some starched cotton collars from Wippel.
  • Spent the rest of the afternoon drafting this pastoral message on General Convention and marriage.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • After supper and a walk at home: Drafted an Ad Clerum letter to the clergy, for distribution tomorrow; attended to a small chore on behalf of our companion diocese of Tabora, devoted some mental energy, culminating in some task planning and an email, regarding someone in the ordination process; did some broad stroke planning for the Eucharist at Synod in October.
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