Due to technical difficulties, my diary for yesterday never showed up in this venue, but you can see it here.

Coming down to the wire. The marriage stuff is behind us (in a tragic way, but behind us as far as this convention is concerned). Now the structure resolutions are on center stage. See here for my take on some of the legislative action.

Lunch break was spent working, as I hosted eight Communion Partner bishops in my suite. We have crafted a minority report on the marriage resolutions which we hope to present to the House of Bishops in open session sometime tomorrow. I know many are looking to us for leadership. I hope and expect that we will provide just that. But it’s rough, and we are not omniscient.

The debate over structure is interesting and important, but I’m afraid I’ve already expended my reserve of passion for this convention. I will take my share in the conversation, as I am vowed to do. But I leave the intense feelings to others.


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