• Task planning at home; Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Did a quick bit of pastoral care by email.
  • Did some planning and made a phone call to advance the cause of a short clergy conference in November (3-4, if that affects you).
  • Spent the rest of the morning taking my Easter IV homily (St George’s, Belleville) from the stage of notes-toward-a-message to rough draft of text.
  • Dropped a load off at the cleaners, grabbed some TG to go, and brought it home to eat.
  • Attended to a task (drafting a letter) that I volunteered for when the Communion Partner bishops were together in late February.
  • Took a couple of more small steps forward toward planning a visit to our companion diocese of Peru in July.
  • Tackled the learning curve of WordPress in order to post the videos of this year’s Lenten teaching series presentations at St Michael’s, O’Fallon. See it here. 
  • Did another bit of pastoral care by email.
  • Took a head-clearing walk west to Spring Street, south to South Grand, west to Second, and back up to the office.
  • Began to rework a sermon for Easter VI from several years ago  for use this year at St James, Marion and St Andrew’s, Carbondale.
  • Attended to  chores pertaining to a some people in the ordination process.
  • Took care of a bit of administrivia related to one of our mission congregations.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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