• Out of the house in time for an 8am dental hygiene appointment. (“Good morning, Bishop Martins. How are you?” “I’m at the dentist. How do you think I am?” …said with a smile, of course). My teeth and gums seem to be happy, which makes them happy, which makes me happy.
  • Morning Prayer (memorized short form) in the car en route to the office.
  • Connected by phone with Bishop Salmon, Dean of Nashotah House, in a (successful) attempt to arrange a meeting next week when I am in the area for Bishop Roger White’s funeral.
  • Took care of some additional Nashotah House business.
  • Took a phone call from one of the lay leaders in one of our parishes regarding some emerging issues of concern. 
  • Revised the draft of my homily for 9 September (Trinity, Mt Vernon).
  • Began writing a fairly extensive Ad clerum (letter to the clergy), mostly regarding implementation guidelines for the General Convention resolution that permits use of the 1979 eucharistic lectionary as an alternative to the currently official Revised Common Lectionary.
  • Lunch from Taco Gringo (it’s been a while!), eaten at home.
  • Finished the letter to the clergy I began before lunch.
  • Conceived and hatched a sermon for St Matthew’s Day, which will be celebrated when I visit St Matthew’s, Bloomington on 23 September.
  • Took two phone calls from parish clergy over various matters of concern.
  • Wrote greetings to clergy and spouses with milestone events in September.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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