For the morning and early afternoon, there was planned diversions for the several dozen people gathered in Bermuda for a “destination” birthday celebration. We boarded several vans and were driven about 30 minutes to the northeast section of the fishhook-shaped island, where we toured Crystal Cave. My fifth grade science class on the formation of stalactites and stalagmites was excellent preparation for this excursion, more than 50 years later. We then had a tram tour of historic St George’s, established by British colonists in 1612 who got shipwrecked there while on their way to Virginia. (They never made it.) St Peter’s Church is the oldest Anglican church building in continuous use outside England. We were then turned loose in the town for a while to find lunch and otherwise poke around. It was raining in the form of a fine mist most of the time we were there, “feeder bands,” we were told, from Tropical Storm Arthur as it makes its way up the east coast of the U.S.

Brenda remained in the hotel for all of this, still laid low by a persistent hacking cough that is getting beyond tiresome.

We had drinks and dinner with Bishop Charles and Louise Jenkins, old friends from our Louisiana days in the late-80s and early 90s.

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