• Glad to embrace “the life and work of a bishop” (to use the language of the canons) with enthusiasm and gratitude after a wonderful vacation. I actually cheated and reconnected to my diocesan email account a few hours early yesterday. This resulted in my spending the entire evening processing my suddenly swollen Inbox. Happy to do it, though.
  • Task planning for the week and day at home. Reconnected with Sue and Molly in the office. Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Spent most of the morning processing the two mountains of correspondence, advertisements, solicitations, announcements, greeting cards, catalogs, newsletters, and sundry other items that covered the working space on my desk.
  • Interrupted that activity for a 45-minute conversation with a couple of lay leaders of one of our Eucharistic Communities regarding some emerging concerns and opportunities.
  • Lunch at home.
  • Processed some more email.
  • Made phone calls to two of our clergy who are facing challenging personal and family health issues.
  • Fleshed out and fine-tuned my working outline for this Saturday’s teaching marathon at St Thomas’, Salem (“Proclaiming Good News 101”).
  • Spoke by phone with Father Coleman in Belleville regarding plans for a November celebration of the 30th anniversary of the partnership between St George’s and St Mark’s ELCA congregation, which meets at St George’s.
  • Answered couple of more emails that had arrived during my vacation.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
Also … if you would like to taste the spiritual and theological fruit of my vacation reflections, catch this post from my “real” blog, which went up last Sunday night.
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