• 57 potential action items in the chute; 9 chosen for potential completion today. (Afternoon consumed by a funeral in Bloomington.)
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Prepared for the celebration of the 12:15pm cathedral Mass.
  • Responded to some newly-arrived, and semi-urgent, emails.
  • Put some meat on the bones of a sermon outline for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, June 1 at St John’s, Albion.
  • Attended to part of the mountain of details that lie before me in advance of next week’s meeting of the Nashotah House board of trustees.
  • Showed up to celebrate Mass, but there was no congregation. This happens sometimes. I sat in the church and enjoyed a few minutes of quiet prayer and reflection.
  • Made travel arrangements to attend the Province V House of Bishops in a couple of weeks.
  • With the Archdeacon riding shotgun, drove up to Bloomington via the drive-through lane at Freddy’s Steakburgers & Frozen Custard to preside at the funeral of Father Richard Bennett, a long-time and revered priest of the diocese. It was a holy and rich time of remembrance and commendation at St Matthew’s. For the record, this is the fifth funeral of a priest on my watch, and the third in as many months. This is not a sustainable pace. Home right at 6:30.
  • Down to 52 tasks left for the week.
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