• Final meeting of Committee 13. Difficult, but productive. I sensed a growing attitude of charity toward those who always seem to be on the losing end of votes. Since they got their “big one” yesterday, many in the majority party are in a mood to be gracious. Not all, mind you, and not nearly enough, IMO. But some.
  • The House of Bishops continued to plow through resolutions. Being a much smaller body than the House of Deputies, we get our work accomplished with significantly greater efficiency. This allows for our customary period of private conversation prior to opening the gallery for our afternoon legislative session. And even then, we recessed at least two hours before the deputies. See here for a fuller account of the legislative action.
  • One of the fun things about General Convention is running into people from various eras in one’s past. Leaving the gallery of the House of Deputies this afternoon, I was stopped by someone I overlapped two years with at Westmont College more than four decades ago. We barely knew each other in passing there and then. He’s a cradle Episcopalian (a rarity at Westmont) and went right to seminary and ordination after graduation. Yet, we have both been aware of one another’s work in more recent years. Such moments are a joy.
  • Dinner with my Springfield homeys. Time to get pack and ready to leave tomorrow.
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