Big stuff:

  • Finished the pastoral letter on tithing, diocesan assessments, and giving to the national church. It’s now up on the website.
  • Carefully perused the materials of some aspiring potential candidates for one or more of our parishes in transition.

Smaller stuff:

  • Participated substantively in a theological discussion among authors for the Covenant blog. I’m sometimes intimidated by the group because the majority of them have PhDs and are way more current on their reading than I am. But sometimes I feel like I’ve got “skin in the game” on a particular subject, and this was one of those occasions.
  • Administration and pastoral care via sundry emails.
  • Descended into the customer service hell of Comcast and Ameren (the actual phone function on my phone had stopped working, and the gas was inexplicably shut off at our Springfield home, which is, praise God, under contract, but the inspector couldn’t do his work). Both issues were successfully resolved, but not before I used my *entire* vocabulary.
  • Long walk and Bowflex workout.
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