The big rocks:

  • Attended the weekly Zoom meeting of the Province V bishops.
  • Substantive phone conversation with a colleague bishop following that meeting.
  • Worked with Canon Evans to further refine the reopening protocols we’ve been working on. Made three separate sets of revisions. Sent the draft off to my epidemiologist daughter for her comments. She eventually gave a thumbs up, with some minor suggested tweaks. I incorporated those suggestions into yet another revision, then sent the document off to the members of Diocesan Council, among whom it will be a matter of discussion at Friday’s meeting.
  • Prepared, recorded, edited, and uploaded my now customary midweek video greeting to the diocese, in which I reflect on the anomaly of being a bishop who does not live full-time in the diocese he serves.
  • Read a chapter in the book I’m set to review.
  • Did a small bit of Communion Partners business.
  • Did my Bowflex workout and took an aggressive late-afternoon walk.
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