Wednesday (St Charles the Martyr)

  • Processed a long batch of emails while still at home, then had a longish phone conversation with the conductor of next week’s clergy retreat. MP in the car on the way in. It was nearly 10 before I arrived.
  • Between other tasks, much of my day was consumed with preparing for a Commission on Ministry meeting a week from Saturday. We are introducing several new potential ordinands to them and I want it to be as smooth a process as possible, which required a bunch of ducks to be gotten in a row via telephone and email and personal conversations with the Archdeacon.
  • Approved drafts of the clergy retreat worship booklet.
  • Produced a working script for this Sunday’s homily at Trinity, Lincoln.
  • Talked with Fr Evans about this Sunday’s visit and some business related to our companion diocese relationships.
  • Lunch at home.
  • Administrivia.
  • Descended into successive layers of technology hell as I tried to complete online (as it is required for the first time this year) a United Thank Offering grant application on behalf of our companion diocese of Tabora (in Tanzania). The system is clearly not ready for prime time and I am unspeakably frustrated. The project sucked up most of my afternoon and a good chunk of my evening and it is still not completed. Error messages abound. Breathing deeply. 
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