• Usual weekday AM routine.
  • Participated in a long email thread with the CtO, the Treasurer, the Chair of Finance, and the Administrator around the CARE Act provisions for non-profits to receive forgivable loans for the purpose of maintaining payroll.
  • Logged on to a now weekly (for the time being) one-hour Zoom conference between the bishops of Province V.
  • Following the meeting, took a substantive phone call from the Bishop of Eau Claire.
  • Took yet another substantive phone call from a couple of lay leaders in one of our Eucharistic Communities.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Had a 90-minute telemedicine appointment with one of Brenda’s doctors. Even under normal circumstances, I would have appreciated this sort of thing instead of going into the office.
  • Consulted the Dean via email regarding Palm Sunday and Holy Week observances at the cathedral.
  • Endured Verizon’s “digital assistant” toward the end of getting Brenda’s new phone activated.
  • We are sharing more meals between the other family members in our building, and it fell to me to fix (with Brenda’s active assistance) chicken enchiladas tonight. So I broke off from my task list a little early to see to that chore.
  • EP fells into the cracks tonight. Hate it when that happens.
  • After dinner, massaged my homiletical message statement for Easter II (a non-visitation to St Paul’s, Pekin) into a developed outline.
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