• Regular early AM routine.
  • Refined, edited, printed, and scheduled for posting my homily for tomorrow evening at the Solemn Mass in the Chapel of St Mary the Virgin at Nashotah House.
  • Leveraged the fine weather and the fact of a doctor’s appointment a bit short of two miles away (annual physical) and traveled on foot. Going there and back got me most of my step quota for the day. Pending lab result, it appears that I’m in pretty decent shape for a guy my age.
  • Lunched (late) at home on leftovers.
  • Did the same sort of homiletical finish work as before, this time on my sermon for this Sunday (Trinity, Mt Vernon). Sent a copy to a layperson in one of our communities that will be priestless this Sunday so he can read it there.
  • Got the word that next week’s scheduled meeting of the House of Bishops in Texas has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. (We will still “meet” online for a bit.) Dealt with United to get myself a credit toward future travel.
  • Evening Prayer in our domestic oratory.
  • After dinner, cranked out a brief pastoral statement on the epidemic and posted it to the diocesan website.
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