• Customary weekday AM routine.
  • Wrote, and scheduled for sending at the appropriate time, greetings to clergy with nodal events in January … that I haven’t already missed! To the ones I missed, my apologies. This is one of the casualties of not being in the office as frequently as I used to be.
  • Read and processed a proposal from an academician in the diocese with whom I am planning an “Anglican heritage” tour in France and England for the late spring of 2021.
  • Read and processed yet another Mission Strategy Report.
  • Stepped out for an appointment with my primary care doctor. He prescribed some new meds, and we both hope I’m going to get ahead of this cough that’s been plaguing me for nearly three weeks.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Thought through and plotted the various tasks necessary to make the 2020 Chrism Mass happen.
  • Sat down with commentaries and did the exegetical work in preparation for preaching on Epiphany VI, at St Thomas’, Glen Carbon.
  • Made three trips to the nearby Walgreen’s to fill two prescriptions. One bureaucratic snafu after another. Frustrating.
  • Did an audit of the Eucharistic Communities that have not yet submitted Mission Strategy reports for 2019. Made appropriate followup plans.
  • Throughout the day, exchanged several emails with the Communicator over various things, including publicity for the SKCM Mass we are hosting next month,
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
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