• Customary early AM routine.
  • Took care of a couple of small administrative matters via email with the Administrator.
  • Did the hard work of developing a homiletical message statement for Proper 21 (September 29 at St Stephen’s, Harrisburg) into a developed sermon outline.
  • Watched a set of videos about baptism being purveyed by the communications office of the Episcopal Church. I’m happy to say that the production values are great and they’re a pleasure to watch, and I’m sorry to say that they are utterly vapid and devoid of meaningful theological, spiritual, or pastoral content. What a wasted opportunity.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Participated in one more volley of pastoral care emails with a lay person of the diocese.
  • Took Brenda to an acupuncture appointment.
  • Drafted my review of the book Dignity (by Chris Arnade) for the Living Church. I will refine it and send it off to the editor by week’s end.
  • Did a quick bit of synod-related work.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda. Fixed dinner just a tad on the early side so I could take a long walk before darkness set in.
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