Had breakfast with Brenda at the Hilton Garden, then returned to our room to spend about an hour-and-a-half processing email, both late-arriving and stuff that’s been waiting a day or two. Then we returned to the Nashotah campus and did some walking around on a day that started out foreboding but was getting more beautiful my the minute. This included some time spent in the cemetery, which we expect our mortal remains will one day inhabit. When I first got to know this piece of real estate in the 80s, it was kind of abstract. Now it’s populated by several whom I actually have known, so it’s more concrete and poignant. We also sat in on an Alumni Day lecture by Dr Garwood Anderson, who, before he became President/Provost, was a New Testament professor. He talked about preaching during Ordinary Time, Year C. We moved on to the refectory for the Alumni Day luncheon, which honored both alumni and tomorrow’s graduates. It was a joy to share the meal with the three other members of the Class of 1989 who showed up for our 30th reunion. Brenda and I then headed back to the hotel for a bit of downtime; it turned out I really needed a nap. We got back to campus in time to visit with a few folks for a bit before heading over to St Mary’s Chapel for Evening Prayer and the Alumni Day Solemn Mass. This included the dedication of the new organ, and was followed by a mini-recital. Back to refectory then for hospitality hour and dinner, another gala event that included an award ceremony. It’s been good to connect with a lot of people, but my introversion was pretty well taxed.

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