• Up and in our domestic oratory by around 0630 for some time in quiet contemplation, deep intercession, and, eventually the morning office.
  • Fixed tea and breakfast, which I ate (and drank) while taking a short pass through social media, checking overnight email, and planning my day’s work. The USA Today crossword puzzle is also establishing itself as part of my morning routine, the goal being to finish it in uder 15 minutes.
  • Showered, dressed, and attacked my task list, starting with …
  • … doing appropriate surgery on the text of a pre-used sermon for Epiphany II, getting it ready for deployment at Christ Church, Springfield on January 20.
  • Exchanged emails with the rector of Trinity, Jacksonville, covering some of the details of my visitation there this Sunday.
  • Attended to a handful of pastoral issues via text and email, one of which required an unusual amount of thought and care, and was yet undone when I …
  • … took Brenda to a scheduled healthcare appointment. Stopped to pick up some lunch at Popeye’s afterward, bringing it home to eat.
  • Continued to labor over the undone pastoral email, finally bringing it to a conclusion.
  • Said my prayers, and then took a first homiletical drive-by at the readings for Epiphany IV, when the plan is for me to be presiding and preaching at Christ the King, Normal (February 3).
  • Took Brenda to yet another medical appointment (MRI of brain, which is not a pleasant procedure).
  • Despite the mostly-fallen darkness, I braved the elements for 7000 steps, which took me about an hour.
  • Evening Prayer in the oratory.
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