• Usual weekday early AM routine: email culling, internet surfing, task planning, breakfast, Morning Prayer.
  • Relatively short (as these things go) conversation with Comcast over a lingering move-in issue.
  • Longer tech support conversation with Quicken.
  • Developed my working notes for Session 4 of the clergy conference.
  • Takeout lunch from the not-too-bad Chinese place around the corner.
  • Stepped out to pick up some dry cleaning. Got back and found the cable guy there early. Assisted him (with stuff like basement access and a step stool) while he took care of some dangling loose ends from the original not-too-great installation.
  • Performed reconstructive surgery on a sermon text from 1997 on Proper 28 (Nov. 18 at All Saints, Morton), making it time-sensitive to 2018.
  • Made a run across the street to Walgreens for some trick-or-treat candy. Turned out not be be necessary, as we had no takers.
  • Took a long and brisk walk on a fine fall day.
  • Evening Prayer.
  • Fixed dinner (“comfort food” ground beef tacos).
  • Wrote lectionary reflection #23 (of an eventual 30) for Forward Day by Day (appearing a year from now).
  • Attended to some Living Church Foundation board business.
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