• On the road from Effingham at 7:30. Drove two hours through the fog on two lane roads. Dropped Brenda off at home and headed into the office.
  • Took care of some administrative odds and ends until my 10am appointment with Fr Ralph McMichael. He has developed some catechetical materials regarding the Eucharist (not just the liturgy per se, but how what we do and say in the liturgy connects with our lives as “eucharistic communities”) that has great potential in the outworking of our vision for a church that can thrive in a post-Christian secular culture. We talked for two hours.
  • Lunch at home.
  • Worked on producing a rough draft of my homily for Advent Sunday (December 2, at St Paul’s, Pekin).
  • Processed a ton of emails.
  • Usual weekly desk-clearing chores.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
Off in the morning for Thanksgiving with extended family at my sister’s home in the Chicago suburbs. We plan to return home on Saturday.
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