Each candidate was given 30 minutes to answer questions at each Walkabout session.

The candidates not being questioned were sequestered so they could not hear the questions or other candidates’ responses. The questions were not shared in advance with the candidates.

The candidates were asked the same core questions.  Core questions were based on the questions submitted from members of the Diocese.  These were prioritized by topic and were ones that had multiple submissions on the topic.  Questions were then grouped by deanery based on from which deanery the questions were received.

If a candidate answered the core questions and time remained, then supplemental questions were used for the balance of the time at that Walkabout.  The supplemental questions were either singular submissions from the Diocese or questions based on the feedback from the Listening Phase of the election process (Survey, Questions/Feedback, Listening Sessions).

Different questions were asked at each walkabout and questions were used only once.

Kevin Babb, Chancellor of the Diocese, moderated each Walkabout’s question and answer session.

Session 1 at St Stephen’s, Harrisburg for the Eastern and Hale Deaneries


Session 2 at The Chapel of St John the Divine, Champaign for the Northeastern Deanery


Session 3 at The Cathedral Church of St Paul the Apostle, Springfield for the Northern and Northwestern Deaneries


Session 4 at St Michael’s, O’Fallon for the Darrow Deanery


Videos for each individual candidate for each separate session are also available on the nominee’s profile page here: Fr Burgess, Mtr Hill, and Fr Seefeldt.