Visitation of the BVM

Up and out of the Chicago abode at the unrighteous hour of 0545am. The intent was to avoid morning commute traffic, and I largely succeeded. This put me in my Springfield office by 0915. I settled in, processed accumulated hard-copy items on my desk, responded to a couple of emails, and began my due diligence research on a request from a diocese for consent to the consecration of their bishop-elect. Broke off from this at 1045 to welcome my 1100 appointment, who arrived early. This was a new postulant, in to discuss his theological formation process toward ordination. It was a productive 75-minute conversation. Lunch from Chick-Fil-A, followed by a shoe-shopping errand at Scheel’s (successful) and quick check-in over a small matter at the Mazda service department (also successful). Back at the office, did finish work on this Sunday’s homily (St John’s, Albion), took a necessary 25-minute nap to compensate for my early start to the day, spent a devotional “holy hour” in the cathedral, and read the evening office. Long walk around the downtown area, followed by dinner at Applebee’s.

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