Visitation of the BVM

  • Usual AM routine; MP in the cathedral.
  • Spent the entire morning, and the afternoon until 3:00, preparing for tomorrow’s Clergy Day. Things always take longer than one plans on. Took a break for lunch at home (carryout from McD’s).
  • Completed a working outline of my sermon for this Sunday.
  • Friday prayer: Ignatian meditation on the office gospel reading for the feast of the Visitation.
  • Took a first pass at the readings for Proper 14 (August 11 at St John the Baptist, Mt Carmel).
  • Performed some routine personal organization chores pertaining to the end of the month.
  • Wrestled some with my incubating sermon for Proper 7 (June 23 at Redeemer, Cairo), arriving at a message statement.
  • Took a phone call from my ELCA opposite number, Bishop John Roth–just checking in to see how I’m doing in my recovery.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Dinner out with Fr Dale and Deacon Jody Coleman, in town on the early side for tomorrow’s Clergy Day.
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