Visitation of the BVM

  • Morning Prayer at home.
  • Refined, edited, and printed a working script for my homily at this evening’s ordination.
  • Met with the Dean over a couple of important but non-urgent concerns.
  • Began to work on refining my homily for this weekend (Saturday night in Robinson, Sunday morning in Albion and Mt Carmel).
  • Out the door at 10:45 (the power in the office having just been knocked out by a thunderstorm, anyway) for an appointment with my primary care physician.
  • Picked up some lunch at Long John Silver’s (not on my usual beaten path, but convenient today) and brought it home to eat. The person at the drive-through window said of my attire, “I like the purple. Nice look.”
  • After lunch, remained home and complete the sermon work I had begun in the office.
  • Processed a short stack of emails.
  • Out the door again just past 2:30, this time headed for Danville, with a stop back at the office to pick up the book that ordinands need to sign after they promise conformity to “the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Episcopal Church.”
  • Arrived at Holy Trinity, Danville around 4:40, ahead of a 5:00 liturgy rehearsal and 6:00pm ordination Mass.
  • Ordained Richard Lewis to the transitional diaconate. We indulged in a surfeit of Marian piety, which plays well at Holy Trinity. Home just before 11pm.
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