ULTREYA – What a strange word!

by Bob Vaughn

What is this March 5th Zoom event all about?

Ultreya is a Spanish word, derived from Latin. It is a common greeting of encouragement for pilgrims on a trek, like the famous Camino de Santiago routes in Spain. It roughly means “Onward!” or “Keep going!” It is great way to encourage our Christian brothers and sisters in their daily journey. Sometimes the everyday burden, troubles, or losses in life can discourage us. A friendly word of encouragement can help keep us moving.

People that have been to Cursillo use the word Ultreya to encourage one another. The term is historical in Cursillo, reaching back to 1948 when the Roman Catholic diocese in Mallorca, Spain encouraged lay leaders to lead other lay people in pilgrimages. These lay-led pilgrimages formed the basis of modern day Cursillo, a tool to equip and inspire Christians for the work of ministry and mission. If the term were better understood, it would be a great greeting for every Christian to share, just like, “Keep going!” or “You can do this!” or “It will get better.”

What is this March 5th Zoom Ultreya event all about? It is a morning gathering of Christians to praise in song, enjoy fellowship, pray, and share about their Christian journeys. If you’ve never made a Cursillo weekend, it can be a way for you to learn a little more about Cursillo. If you want to attend, email us at and we will get the Zoom link to you. Your participation in any specific activity will be only as much as you choose—if you just want to sit and watch, that’s fine! If you have been to Cursillo, make sure you are on our mailing list–if you’ve not been receiving our emails, email us and we’ll get you signed up. We hope to see you on Zoom on Saturday, March 5th from 10am to noon. In the meantime, Ultreya!