• Task planning for the week at home (still flying solo, not my favorite thing), Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Light administrivia and a handful of emails to process.
  • Refined and printed my working text for this Sunday’s homily (St John’s, Albion and a special stop at St Mary’s, Robinson).
  • Signed documents in front of a notary giving the Archdeacon power-of-attorney with respect to some pending real estate transactions should they occur while I’m away in July and August.
  • Usual Tuesday desk-clearing.
  • Lunch from China 1, eaten at home. Took Brenda’s dog for her midday walk. She seems to tolerate me as a pinch hitter.
  • Worked on my August 25 teaching day at St Thomas’, Salem.
  • Entered the details of the General Convention schedule into my calendar, while I will access via my iPhone and always know when I’m supposed to be where in Indianapolis.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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