Tuesday (Thomas Gallaudet)

  • Usual workday weekday early AM routine.
  • Tried to stay ahead of a flurry of incoming emails, each of which required only a brief response (i.e. within the two-minute rule), but they add up.
  • Continued to attend via email to a continuously developing “situation” in one of our parishes. It’s hard when the narratives I hear are wildly divergent. And time-consuming.
  • Made air travel, lodging, and car rental arrangements for a trip to the Dallas area to ordain Jonathan Totty to the priesthood on September 30.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Read and responded to an email from a cleric of the diocese.
  • Read and responded to a query from a postulant of the diocese.
  • Plotted and scheduled the various task I need to accomplish to be personally ready for the annual diocesan synod in October.
  • Did reconstructive surgery on an old sermon text for Proper 18, in anticipation of preaching at St George’s, Belleville on September 8.
  • Caught up on my Covenant blog reading. Shared an item to Facebook.
  • Having finished the book I’m set to review for The Living Church, I began to gather my thoughts and make some notes toward writing something.
  • Evening Prayer in our domestic chapel.
  • Took Brenda out to a wonderful French-style bistro for dinner in celebration of our 47th wedding anniversary.
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