Tuesday (St Polycarp)

  • Weekly task planning at home.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Debriefed with the Archdeacon on a small range of administrative and pastoral concerns.
  • Spoke by phone with a lay leader from one of our Eucharistic Communities over an issue of specific concern to him.
  • After exchanging emails with the Rector’s Warden of Trinity, Jacksonville, and consulting with the Archdeacon and the Cathedral Provost, I made the decision to excuse myself from Easter morning duties at St Paul’s in order to cover Trinity, which is without a priest at the moment.
  • Refined and printed a working copy of what I thought was going to be this Sunday’s sermon at St Bartholomew’s, Granite City. (See below for an explanation.)
  • Took a substantive phone call from the Dean of Nashotah House. It was all positive. He’s doing good work.
  • Lunch from KFC, eaten at home.
  • While reviewing the bulletin draft for this Sunday at St Bartholomew’s, I noticed a discrepancy between the listed gospel and the one I was planning on preaching on. Some frantic research revealed that I had actually prepared a sermon on the Fourth Sunday in Lent, a week later. No ultimately wasted effort, as I can used what I’d prepared at Trinity, Mt Vernon on March 6. But I had to scramble to find a homily for Year C, Lent III from sometime in the last millennium, do some major surgery to search and replace dated cultural references and no-longer-pertinent illustrations, then work it up into both printable/postable and “preachable” formats (there are some significant differences between the two). Like I said, no wasted effort, because the time I lost today I will gain back next week. But it was frustrating, and took me off my game.
  • Wrote my regular “From the Bishop” column for the next issue of the Springfield Current. (You can see it here.)
  • Talk a walk around the block.
  • Began to process the considerable amount of administrative detritus left in the wake of last Saturday’s Commission on Ministry meeting.
  • Spoke by phone with one of our rectors over a pastoral concern.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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