Tuesday (St Jerome)

  • While still at home, finished a draft of my 2016 visitation calendar. Upon arrival in the office, Upon arrival in the office, I passed it on to the Administrator to see if I had missed anything. I had. Now fixed, and shortly to be published to the interested parties.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Prepared to preside and preach at the midday Mass.
  • Attended to some details pertaining to he visit of the Bishop of Tabora and his wife in mid-October.
  • Worked on my sermon for Proper 27 (8 November at St Paul’s, Carlinville), taking it from a message statement to a developed outline.
  • Created a rough draft of the liturgy leaflet for the synod Mass, and sent in along electronically to the host parish for refinement and production.
  • Celebrated and preached the Mass for the lesser feast of St Jerome.
  • Lunch from McD’s, eaten at home.
  • Headed to one of our churches some distance from Springfield for a very difficult but unfortunately necessary conversation. Arrived back home around 5:30.
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